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How to Make More Money


As a small business owner, money is the #1 concern. Above everything else like writing a blog or publishing a recipe, we need to make $$ to make the world go around. In today’s video training, I have 6 things to consider and do so you can make more! If you are interested in the…(Read More)

This is part two of a mini series.   If you missed part one on ideal clients, you can find it HERE.  Having the health solution is only half of the formula in a successful business.  You must understand the pain and desires of your ideal client – and learn to speak his/her…(Read More)

Ideal Client Training


Building a business is a lot like building a home.  You need a good foundation to start with.  The foundation is your website.  And within that website, you need to have COPY that speaks to your ideal client.  In short, you need to dig deep and understand your ideal clients pain…(Read More)

Pathogens play a MUCH bigger role in chronic and mystery illness than we acknowledge. In today’s video, which is meant for my colleagues, you’ll learn about The 4 root causes of chronic disease and mystery illness What is NOT a root cause in my humble opinion (and why) I’ll review a case…(Read More)

Functional Medicine Nutritionist Montana

Too often I hear that you are working too hard.  Some of you are literally crushed by emails, telephone calls, scheduling, and other various tasks.   You are so busy putting out fires you wouldn’t know what to do if you had a full patient load.   You can Work Smarter…(Read More)

As America’s Virtual Nutritionist and Business Coach, I provide a lot of tips and advice. I do have another video for you today.   But this one is completely different.   No advice.  No notes to take.  No call to action moments.  Just a look behind the scenes at who I…(Read More)

Cheap Tools To Grow Your Business – Download Guide This is a training video I released in early 2016, and although technology keeps growing and offering us new options, there is still plenty of relevant information in this video.  The only thing is, now there are even more options to choose from!  Enjoy! Tracy…(Read More)

Vacations Arent Enough – Follow Along Guide (download PDF)     Vacations Aren’t Enough Anymore! Life is too busy. A 1 or 2 week vacation anymore just isn’t enough to compensate for the demands the other 50 weeks of the year. So we have to make our 24 hours a day, 7 days a…(Read More)

How I Manage My Data….


I had to send my work PC off to have some warranty work done.  That would normally be a HUGE issue, involving moving all of my data to a temporary device, and backing up everything, etc.  And as a virtual nutritionist, I’d probably be panicking, since my livelihood involves a computer.&nbsp…(Read More)

What is YOUR gift?!


This book Changed.My.Life!  Several years ago, I really wasn’t sure who I was as a nutritionist.  I was learning functional medicine, but compared myself to the giants in the world (Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jeff Bland…) and I wasn’t sure where I fit in. I read this book “The…(Read More)

I am updating and re-doing pieces of my website, which will affect my brand and services I offer……….so I was updating my Facebook business page and realized it’s a tip I should share with you all too. First off, I hope you have 2 different Facebook accounts. One is your personal profile…(Read More)

  I interviewed my own website designer, Jenna, in the fall of 2015 as I was preparing for the 2016 class of Work Smarter Not Harder.   I do suggest my Work Smarter Not Harder students to have a Word Press website.  It’s totally in your best interest.  Of course, you could…(Read More)

 Website Tips Work Smarter Not Harder-Video #1 Pearls (doc)     Get my free guide “10 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong Running Your Business” which also will keep us connected so you are the first to hear about more training video’s, upcoming courses, and sales & promotions!    Wishing you…(Read More)