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Stephanie bought into a practice but had a hard time nailing down her ideal client.  She had spent money on several other courses, and had also re-done her website.  But  she didn’t love her website still, and continued to struggle because she hadn’t learned essential business systems to organize…(Read More)

Rochelle knew she wanted to have her own online private practice, but also thought she should get a few years of hospital experience first.   Well, after a year of recommending diets she didn’t believe in – to very sick people – she moved on.  Here’s her story as a 2017 Work Smarter…(Read More)

Work Smarter, Not Harder Testimonial – Linda Gilmour Kessler I knew I wanted to start my own private practice and work from home. I was thinking about a virtual practice, but I was feeling very overwhelmed and I had no idea where to start. I came across Tracy’s “Work Smarter, Not Harder” course and I…(Read More)

Robyn was a student in my 2016 Work Smarter Not Harder Business Mentoring Course. She was kind enough to take a little time away from her family to tell us about her experience in the course. I think it’s interesting to point out: That since she’s in the UK, the time difference didn…(Read More)

I am following up on my first virtual prospect… He filled out his “Get Acquainted Form” online, showed up at my office on yesterday for his visit, he shared what his goals were, his health issues, etc… I listed and took some strategic notes, but mostly I just listened. I asked a few questions here…(Read More)

I love how using Tracy’s systems has strengthened my relationships with my patients. It really is a win win!   It allows me to deeply focus on them and commit my time to them in a way that wasn’t really possible when I was taking individual appointments. And as a consequence, we…(Read More)

Great Class tonight!! I have a title and a plan for the lead magnet. Thank you Tracy  for giving specific instructions for homework – with a deadline! I love that when I get these assignments done, I will have more content for my website. Thank you to all those willing to discuss their journey. I…(Read More)

From Dana


I wanted to reach out and thank you for yesterday’s call. It was a turning point for me personally. Hearing that others also struggle with similar hurdles made me feel as I could breathe again (that feeling of allowing yourself to breathe with the belly rather than a diaphragm where you feel as you…(Read More)

From Alyssa


I would also like to thank Tracy for providing homework assignments. I took a very in-depth functional training course that just provided webinars and class notes, no homework. Although I know I’m supposed to be a responsible adult, and I actually have quite a good work ethic, the lack of homework made it…(Read More)

From Erin


“I am a member of Tracy’s first Group Mentoring program. We are only a few weeks in at this point and already I have made HUGE changes to my private practice. Tracy gives you the confidence and support needed to be brave and make those scary changes for the better! She is very specific…(Read More)

From Robyn


“After only the first 2 sessions Tracy’s knowledge has already made a huge difference to the way I think about my website and my business. I used to dread working on my site and now I look forward to it. I feel like the changes I am already making make my message so much…(Read More)

From Tanya


I cannot praise Tracy highly enough. She possesses the perfect combination of being commercially savvy together with having such a depth of clinical knowledge and in-sight . She has helped me enormously streamline my practice management systems and implement time management strategies that already are having such a positive effect for me, my family and…(Read More)

From Lizzy


Mentoring with Tracy has been beyond valuable to me.  As I am just starting out on my own, she helped me establish a solid base and fundamental site structure, with business protocols, which was a vital step in getting the right footing for my new practice. The level of specificity and personalization Tracy was…(Read More)

From Kasia


Tracy – your amazing experience in business has changed my professional life. My practice is sooooo different now. Your recommendations fit like a glove. I was overworking myself greatly and undercharging for my workload and experience. I was getting burned out and frustrated. I did not have a system to fall on, or rationale created to…(Read More)