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  Just because a symptom is common, doesn’t mean it’s normal.  For example, a lot of people have reflux or heartburn.  Many have high blood pressure.  Even more have fatigue.  Know someone with a fungal infection their toenails?   These are all common symptoms but just because they are common doesn’t mean it…(Read More)

One of the health topics that interests me most is gut health.  I love love love learning how our microbiome contributes to health in ways we never imagined 20 years ago. I also love love love seeing my patients’ health change when we optimize their gut health! Fatigue resolves.  Skin conditions subside.&nbsp…(Read More)

This week we have a guest blog of sorts.  I didn’t actually do the interview but it came across my desk (thanks Leigh!) and I think it’s worth sharing. I’ve been following Dr. Alessio Fasano for years.  I lovingly call him the Celiac God.  He has well over 200…(Read More)

We all know of electrolytes but we tend to think of them only when we are sick and can’t keep anything down and/or in.  But electrolytes are important every moment of our life. If  you want to start running, your brain starts the signal that initiates a complicated series of timed…(Read More)

Me, In the News!


It was a big media month for me!  I did 2 segments on KTVQ – our local news channel.  And, I was the ‘expert’ of the month with The Gluten Free Life Coach! Listen in! KTVQ-2 on food and its relationship to chronic disease KTVQ-2 on food and label reading – why its so frustrating…(Read More)