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    The Easiest Raw Beet and Carrot Slaw

    Need a last minute side to bring to Thanksgiving or Christmas? Look no further! No cooking required here! Both carrots and beets are in season and both ingredients are anti-oxidant rich and support resilient health.

    This recipe could not be easier, it’s a great addition to any meal.



    2 beets, washed and peeled as best you can
    2 large carrots, washed and peeled
    1 lemon



    1. Peel the beets and the carrots.

    2. Using a food processor with the grate attachment,  or a mandolin, shred the beets and carrots into slivers.   Then, combine in a serving bowl.

    3. Start by squeezing the juice of half of the lemon on the salad- mix and taste. If you think it needs more add the other half of the lemon.

    If you stir this too much, your carrots will take on the color of the beets.  In order to keep it fresh and clean looking, minimally stir the ingredients.



    Recipe adapted from Paleo Diet Basics.

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