My Thoughts About Our Food Supply

This video blog started with the recent buzz about ADA – Azodicarbonamide– in Subway sandwiches.  But it is SOOO much bigger than that.

It isn’t just ADA.  It’s the 82,000 chemicals and food additives registered with the FDA.  I’m here to tell you that yes, small exposures, over time, have cumulative and chronic effects.

Cialis is effective at 30 PPB (parts per billion).   Albuterol will stave off an asthma attack at 2.1 PPB.  Contraceptives are effective at less than 1 PPB.  So does a “small dose” of ADA in your daily food supply matter?  I’m here to weigh in on the subject and also will provide you with some action steps to protect your own health and that of your family.

*Correction – Novaring is a contraceptive but it’s not an oral contraceptive.  Sorry.  My mouth talks faster than my brain sometimes!


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