2017 Life Update – Why I Was AWOL!

I’m here with the scoop about why I was AWOL in my nutrition business…

How it all started…

As you may know, I was told by my doctor that I had chronic neurological Lyme and Epstein Barr Virus in the fall of 2015. It started with some GI symptoms and progressed.  By fall, I  couldn’t ride in a car due to nausea, and the fatigue and anxiety were increasing. I closed my nutrition practice to patients the entire year of 2016 to focus on my health and healing. Johny, my husband, lived up to his part of “for better or worse, in sickness and in health”.

I spent hundreds and hundreds – maybe thousands – of hours researching immune dysfunction, pathogens, and neurological damage.  I implemented my own treatment plan……and by the spring of 2017, I was able to exercise-walk with a lightly loaded backpack, and I had just started accepting patients again.

Then the day happened I wish I could do over…

April 11th of 2017…..a day I will never forget. I finished work and drove to town for groceries and I was rear-ended at high speed while stopped at a light.  I was completely dazed, traumatized, and in shock.  All I could think about was how hard I worked to get my health back.

When I got home, I took some homeopathic remedies and started icing my neck.  The next day, I scheduled all kinds of therapies to mitigate damage to my body. I was knee deep in more treatment plans again, and driving to multiple appointments each week.

Keeping in touch with my community,
~ people like you  ~
was put on the back burner.

The cluster of everything going on – shopping for a another car, tracking everything for insurance purposes, multiple types of therapies several days a week plus the commute and home care, researching new protocols for physical injuries – triggered a relapse in my Lyme/EBV and a return of some of those symptoms. Lesson learned. The thoughts and fears I had turned in to my reality.

And about 5 months after the accident, to add insult to injury, I started gaining weight which meant investing MORE time into research, treatment plans, and self care!

I had a lot on my to-do list,
and newsletters and social media posts
were still on the back burner.

AWOL = Absent from one’s post without intent to desert.

If you had told me I wouldn’t send a newsletter for 2+ years and would mostly drop off social media for more than 2 years after the wreck, I wouldn’t have believed you, but it’s how it played out.

  • I just didn’t have any extra energy or desire to be lifting everyone else up with new recipes, articles, and tips. And healing is a marathon, not a sprint, so weeks turned in to months and months turned in to 2+ years!
  • And, I was so self conscious about the weight gain it made it hard to be in front of a camera.

Fast Forward to Today

  • The insurance company took responsibility for the accident. I’m still sorting out chronic pain in my neck.  Imaging shows my disc is gone and I may need disc replacement surgery.
  • The Lyme/EBV symptoms eventually resolved (again).
  • My neck has some long-term nerve and ligament damage which is slow to heal but there’s been a huge improvement overall and I expect a full recovery eventually.  Practicing what I preach right?  Our bodies are designed to heal!
  • In time, I was able to exercise lightly again, and then I hired a trainer for accountability and joined a gym and I am working on getting my strength back again.   I rebound daily again, and I go to the gym 3 days a week. I’ve lost about half the weight I gained.  At my age, it doesn’t come easy but I am making progress!
  • And now, it’s time to get my business back in shape too!  I’ve hired a team and we’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes even though you aren’t hearing much from me (yet).

My apologies to you through this journey.
I certainly didn’t see this coming. 

If you made it this far through my story, thanks for caring. Seriously. I still love being a nutritionist and this experience is making me a better practitioner because of all the research I’ve done.

What does the future look like?

I’ll be addressing these health conditions in one-on-one consults, newsletters, social media LIVE events, and social media posts…

  • Fatigue
  • GI Issues (IBS, SIBO, food intolerances including histamine intolerances, reflux, bloating….)
  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog
  • Mild or Moderate Chronic Pain
  • Neurological conditions (vertigo, restless legs, tics, tremors, traveling pain…)
  • Skin conditions of any type
  • PMS or menopause symptoms
  • Lyme
  • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and other herpetic viral strains
  • Thyroid conditions especially hypo as I have now been off my thyroid meds 3 years this fall and my labs indicate my thyroid is healed and I no longer need the medication
  • Methylation SNP’s (MTHFR)

Let’s talk bloating…

I was SO bloated during my own healing that I couldn’t even take care of my own toenails!!  I sorted through the root causes, and cures, and have a new eBook: “ 17 Secrets to Heal Annoying Bloating.

I laid out the physiology of WHY people get bloating in the first place plus (5) short-term solutions, and (12) long-term solutions.

Thank you to those of you who have missed me and reached out on social media and asked if I’m okay.

I am “Keeping The Faith” and Walking my Talk!

Updated 2019 – I am 100% back in business and ready to support you in your healing journey!

If you are frustrated or feeling hopeless about your health, and you can’t continue like this, learn how to take charge of your body, and ultimately the quality of your life. Learn the foundations of health so that you can do the things that are important to you! Even if it feels like you’ve tried everything, or made things, worse, the good news is that your body CAN heal if you do the right things (and stop doing the things that are holding you back)! I will guide you and lead you along the healing path so that you can feel like YOU again! Learn more about the NUTRITION FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM.

Here to support you every step of the way!

Tracy Konoske MS RDN
Americas Virtual and Integrative Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
Food & Health Expert
Helping YOU restore and optimize your health!
Specializing in Immune Dysfunction, Gastrointestinal Conditions, Toxicity Issues, and Neurological Damage
CEO & Founder of Healthy Lifestyles, Inc (since 1999)

Step-by-step building blocks to restore your health.

Start Healing Today!


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