How did I Get a Leaky Gut (Hyper-Intestinal Permeability)?


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*This is part 2 of a 3 part article series on Leaky Gut. For part 1, click here. For part 3, click here. 



Well, how old are you?  Just simply aging can be a contributing factor.  Just like a motor gets worn out, so can body parts.  It doesn’t have to be that way…but we are what we eat, we are what we digest, and we are what we absorb.  It takes good quality foods to nourish our body…Food is NOT just social.  We eat for biological reasons.  And what we eat matters – more than you may realize.  As some folks age, they cook less, rely on more processed foods, eat fewer whole foods, and thus their nutritional intake decreases.  They might be getting enough calories..but all calories are not created equal.

Done any traveling out of the U.S.?  Parasites can be an issue.  For that matter, just drinking out of a stream can be an issue.  Parasites do not always manifest as a full blown case of Giardia.   I know of one lab in particular and all they do is test for parasites if that gives you any idea of what big business parasites are.

As long as we’re talking about water, do you drink chlorinated tap water?  It not only disinfects our water supply, but our GI tract as well…. which can allow for pathogenic organisms to flourish…and they in turn can create inflammation and wreak havoc on our GI system. Imagine a war and hand to hand combat.  Now picture your immune system going after rogue pathogens.   Sometimes war is messy and this is no different.

Do you take antacids?  Opposite of popular opinion, heartburn and reflux are usually from too LITTLE acid, not too much.  Theories abound but the lower esophageal sphincter relaxes – maybe because there is not reason to hold tight – and what acid there is re-flux’s as you bend over, or with certain food triggers.  In any case, antacids change (raise) the pH level of the stomach, allowing pathogenic organisms to live.   You see Hydrochloric acid kills them.  Those pathogens can’t live in acid.  But raise the pH and see what they can do!  HCI  also allows us to break down our food, preparing it for delivery to the small intestine where absorption happens.  Without HCI, there isn’t a signal, or the signal is weakened, and the small intestine isn’t fully alerted that food is on the way and to get ready.  Long term use of antacids results in vitamin, mineral, fat and protein deficiencies.

Tune in again for more on “How did I get a leaky gut”

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