Toxic Overload: Why You Should Clean Out the Dirty Before You Do the Dirty! {And Get Pregnant!}


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You probably know that I have an upcoming series on Detoxification (September 2013).  Not as in an “eat special” sort of class but as in a “lifestyle” class.

We’re all exposed to toxins on a daily basis.  That part is non-negotiable.   When our bodies acquire more toxins than it can safely excrete, it stores them in our fat cells.  Just like we store junk in our closets.  This prevents the overload from harming vital body parts and systems (DNA, enzymes, cell membranes).

My goal in teaching this 4-week class is to help people do two things:

1.  Reduce their toxic burden.
2.  Do a better job of eliminating toxins in storage.

An expert in this field, Dr. Robert Rountree explains the Total Body Load (TBL) as what we are exposed to minus what we excrete. This includes what we eat, drink, breathe, touch, and what we can’t eliminate. As you can see, this can start to add up from all that is around us. If we minimize what we are exposed to, as well as increase elimination, our TBL can decrease.

But what I really want to talk about today is how we were all exposed to toxins in utero…and that if you are even thinking of conception, you really ought to consider doing a little internal housecleaning BEFORE the magic moment occurs.

Why?  Well, scientists used to believe the placenta provided more protection, keeping the majority of harmful substances away from the baby, but new science is proving this untrue. During the 1st trimester, the body does this internal housecleaning and we now know that the placenta and baby are compromised.

Some of these can have devastating side effects. Parabens are found in cancerous tissues; phthalates create abnormal development of sexual organs in males; pesticides lower IQ; hormones in meat/dairy contribute to cancers and alter fetal/child development; acetone contributes to liver and kidney damage; xylene can delay fetal growth or development, and also increase the risk of miscarriages. When we think about child autism levels rising to 1 in 44 children and adult infertility rates rising 20% in the last 10 years, this is potentially a huge contributing factor.

And, as you continue the journey to be a super mom, you breast feed your baby and it turns out that you are detoxing via the breast milk and passing them on (again) to your newborn baby (2008, Environmental Health Perspectives Journal).   No good mother wants to detox or lower her own toxic burden and shift it to her newborn baby!

The big message I’m trying to send here is we should be detoxing as much as possible BEFORE conception to lessen that toxic burden.

So far this has been all about the women, but this is also about the men too! As a man, you can decrease your TBL, have healthier sperm, and help create healthier babies! Although your contribution time frame is small, your part is just as important! This is why BOTH man and women should consider hiring a trained professional to guide them through a comprehensive detoxification program 6-12 months before conception.  It is important for your baby, and his/her future well being!

So, how can we do that?  Where do you start?

  • Purchase the Detox Lifestyle Series so you can learn how to reduce your Total Body Burden and become a better housecleaner.
  • Avoid the “dirty dozen” when shopping for produce!
  • Purchase organic or free range meats meats/pork/chicken.
  • Choose wild-caught fish, and avoid those top predators with longer life spans; the mercury content rises with the longer life spans, and there are 40 times the amount of PCBs in farmed fish compared to wild fish.
  • Change your harsh cleaning chemicals to natural or plant-based products, this will lessen the amount of toxins we are picking up through our skin contact.
  • Limit your exposure to BPA (Bis-Phenol A); this is not just in plastic water bottles, but also in plastic storage containers, 80% of canned goods, credit card receipts, and anything else polymerized.

If this sounds like an overwhelming list or you aren’t sure where to start, I’ll have all the nuts & bolts in my 4-week Lifestyle Series.

If you are interested in providing the best chance for your baby from the very beginning, I encourage you to take this seriously. These steps are not only for your baby but also for you; the detox process can improve your chances of conception and the ability to carry to full term. The steps we take now can have a huge impact on our family’s future.

For more on this subject watch the 22 minute video called 10 Americans.

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