Breaking News: Government Knew Vaccines Increase Risk Autism


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Breaking News.

I’m blown away.  But not surprised.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has been forced to release documents in which a 1999 research paper which documents “statistically significant adverse health outcomes (are) associated with exposure to the mercury-based thimerosal“.

Thimerosal is the preservative in vaccinations.

Can you believe it?   The very organization whose mission is to PROTECT us, KNEW 15 years ago that mercury-containing vaccines raised the risk of neurological disorders.  How did those guys and gals sleep at night?  Did they have their kids (or grandkids) vaccinated?  How many millions of kids have been vaccinated during this time period?!

Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, MD, of the CDC titled his paperIncreased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines in the first month of life“.

Read the abstract here–>   CDC Research Paper

Read the 8 page email string here –> Verstraeten-emails-1999-2000-regarding-VSD-data    It’s titled “it just won’t go away” but it’s a little hard to read since it had been hi-lited.  I believe what he means is that no matter which way he runs the data, it still shows increased risk.

Here’s how it went:    There is a database called “Vaccine Safety Datalink” and it contains data from 4 HMO’s in Washington, Oregon, and California.  It has demographic data, medical data, and immunization data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997.   CDC employees, aka CDC epidemiologic surveillance officers, used this data and conducted an investigation.

The CDC researchers were looking for an association between cumulative exposure to ethylmercury (thimerosal) after the first month of life and the subsequent risk of the infant developing degenerative, neurological or renal disorders.  You know – things like autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, etc.

As stated, vaccinations back then contained thimerosal as a preservative.  The idea was that it’s supposed to protect us from there being any live organisms in the shot.   But it was toxic.

So what did they identify?

They found a relationship.   Dose related.  The more vaccines you got, the higher the risk.  They just didn’t  tell anyone.

A relative risk of 2.0 typically implies cause and effect.   In the research paper, the authors found an elevated relative risk (RR) for 

  • Autism  of 7.6
  • Nonorganic sleep disorders 5.0
  • Speech disorders 2.1.

So, let’s now break this down some.

Does a vaccine CAUSE autism, a sleep disorder, or a speech disorder?

Nothing in my functional medicine world is that black and white.  I WOULD say that vaccines add to the total body burden – just like processed and GMO food, toxins in the air & water, etc.

I think it’s safe to say that for some, mercury-containing vaccines CONTRIBUTE to the toxic burden.  Contribute is not cause.  But they ARE a piece of the puzzle for many.  It’s a big puzzle and includes genetic susceptibility, other toxin exposures, immune health, etc.

I’ve written on this before and I did a 4-part Detox Series which is now in my E-Learning Center.  Why am I writing this at 5:40 PM when I should be cooking dinner?    I find it appalling that here in America, this happened.   I swim in the knowledge that we are killing ourselves.  I am largely in business because of what is happening in our world.  I can honestly say that when I was in private practice in the early 2000’s, people were not this sick.

It’s cumulative and it’s at a tipping point.  Not only are the OLD sick, but now the YOUNG are sick too.  Not just autism.  We’ve got obese kids with old age diseases.  More and more research is linking obesity with….TOXINS.  Could the 70 vaccinations now required be contributing to diseases we hadn’t even associated yet?  Vaccinations aren’t (or weren’t) just thimerosal…they have other preservatives in them too.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Vaccines and flu shots with mercury based thimerosal.
  • Dentists fill our teeth with fillings which are 50% mercury.
  • The farmer uses pesticides, herbicides and insecticides as salad dressing – known endocrine disruptors.
  • We as Americans eat processed junk because the advertising agencies are so good at their jobs.
  • Now we are being inundated with GMO’s.

Our livers are OVERWHELMED.  Our guts are INFLAMED.  I’m typing in caps because you need to get it.

Not only do the toxins in our world keep increasing, some of us inherit genes that make it an up hill battle to excrete the toxins.

I’ve run my own 23andme genetic profile and I’ve run it on several patients this past year or so.  The gene CYP3A4 is involved in the metabolism of over 50% of the drugs on the market.  If you inherited this gene and it’s slow, you can’t get rid of toxins like the rest of us.  There are other genes involved in detoxification of course, so it isn’t a one-gene, one-disease sort of model but I wanted to provide an example of how genetics fits into all of this.

For some, it’s the perfect storm.  The number of vaccinations required has tripled since I was a kid and on top of that, we’re exposed to more and more chemicals.  The E learning Detox Course is 4 hours of condensed material about how to clean up your environment.   Toxins you are being exposed and you DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!  If you are serious about getting your health back, or keeping the health you have, this course is step #1.

So, what to do?

First of all, let me be clear that this has now changed but they KNEW.  For years, they knew.  And didn’t fess up.

I can only tell you what I do and what I would do if I were in your shoes, knowing what I know.  Because of their untrustworthy history, I don’t necessarily believe what they tell me.

1. Invest in education.  The E Course(s) I have developed are a pretty cheap way to get information from “a different kind of dietitian” without hiring me one on one.  Download and listen at your leisure but they are FULL of action steps.  Learn what you can do to reduce your exposures and support detoxification.  This is way more than just vaccinations and flu shots.  We’re all exposed to a plethora of  chemicals  these days, but there ARE things we can eat and drink, or not eat and drink, to support health.

2.  Let’s be clear.  I specialize in adults, not pediatrics but I find this appalling so I’m posting on it.  From what I understand, they’ve now removed or reduced the amount of thimerosal in vaccines for those under 2 years of age.  Even still,  I’d run a genetic test like 23andme on each of my kids and I’d know their strengths or weaknesses when it comes to detoxification BEFORE I’d expose them to ANY foreign substances.  This isn’t as simple as it sounds because it takes someone trained to interpret it to help you through what it means.  But because I know what to do, this is what I’d do.  I’m not sure how this plays out for the average American.

3.  I’d demand single dose flu shots because from what I understand, those don’t contain thimerosal.  They are harder to find because they don’t have an extended shelf life.

4.  I’d only consent to life-saving vaccines.  Who cares if we all get chicken pox?

5.  And I’d space them out.  These days, it’s normal to get multiple vaccines in one shot or in one day.  From what I understand, kids get more vaccines before they are 18 months than I had at my high school graduation.  They don’t all have to be done by 2 years of age.

Right now, you’re asking yourself  “What do I do about getting my kid(s) into school?”    I am a Christian and I would pull the religion card – whatever that involves.  I also understand there are books to guide you through this.  Buy all means, get one.  As I said, I specialize in adult conditions so I’m not pretending to be the final authority.

6.  As an adult,  I would, and I do, skip the flu shot.  I’ll take my chances with vitamins, minerals, sleep, and hydrotherapy to keep me well.  I know my genetics and I don’t need more toxins to deal with.

I don’t have all the answers but I know more than the average Jane about health.  How to get it.  And how to keep it.  I encourage you to SHARE this information.  Kraft Mac n Cheese is taking the artificial colors out of their product because of consumer pressure.   General Mills is removing GMO’s from the standard edition Cheerio.

Change CAN happen but first we have to even know there’s a problem.  

See those little buttons down there?  Use them!  Pin it.  Facebook it.   Tweet it.  Tell your friends, family, and loved ones what you know.  We’re in this together.  It takes ALL of us to gather together and say “He** NO” .


Need more info?    Here’s a 45 minute video with a presentation in front of Congress regarding this same matter.

Know any pregnant women?  Share this PubMed Research article with them showing increased fetal demise when women got the regular and H1N1 flu shot.


“Tracy, I am sooo glad you wrote this!  I feel SO uncomfortable with the vaccines my girls are being “forced” to get before they can enter the school system. They really make it a nightmare to opt out nowadays. If anything I at least want them spaced out so it’s not toxic overload for their little bodies. I loved what you said in your article about the future of medicine requiring testing of each childs inherent ability to detoxify being done before vaccines are administered. As a mom, you ONLY want to do whats best for your kids and in this area, I have been unsure, uneducated, and uneasy. I’m glad I havent given into the pressure (the almost inappropriate pressure from my pediatrician) to just go with what everyone else is doing. Gotta trust your gut on these things! Reading your stuff makes me feel better, and also worse. Scary stuff!”

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