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    Amazing (for you) Artichokes!

    One of the least consumed vegetables is actually one of the most unique, nutritionally therapeutic, and nutrient-dense: the artichoke.

    In 2004, the USDA conducted a large scale study investigating the antioxidant compounds found in a large variety of vegetables, fruits and plant foods. Artichokes were among the top 4 vegetables.

    Artichokes and their nutrient-dense leaves have been a part of herbal traditions for a very long time.   Artichoke leaf extract is a potent “cholagogic” herb, capable of stimulating the production and secretion of bile by the gall bladder. This is largely due to the artichoke’s cinarin content.

    Too many Americans don’t make enough bile.  They just don’t know it.  But here’s why we should care (and eat more artichokes!)

    • Bile emulsifies fats in our diet just like soap emulsifies (breaks down) greasy dishes.  Without bile, we are at risk of mal-absorbing our fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and the K’s. Without our fat soluble vitamins, we’re at risk of osteopenia, night blindness, immune deficiencies, and oxidative stress.
    • Bile also helps us eliminate toxins, used hormones, and heavy metals.  Lord knows, we need all the help we can get in this department.
    • Bile also neutralizes stomach acid.  The stomach secretes (hydrochloric) acid and as the food enters the small intestine, the bile neutralizes the acid.  So without bile, folks suffer from acid reflux.  And antacids don’t solve the underlying root cause, obviously.
    • Bile insufficiency can also cause poor hormone synthesis because of the fact that all hormones are made from lipids.

    Artichokes also contain silymarin, which is a great liver food and supports the production of bile (which is made in the liver).

    Artichoke Prep:

    Trim up the root.  Then cut about 1″ off the top of the artichoke and open it up a little.  Snip off any of the leaf tips if they are browning.

    Artichokes are typically steamed.  Plan on about 25 minutes.

    Eating artichokes takes time!   It can be fun, especially if you like to eat with your fingers.  Strip off one leaf at a time and dip it in a healthy olive oil.  As you know, I love the organic, certified, Apollo olive oil.

    Once the artichoke leaf meat has been eaten, you may also eat the heart of the artichoke and the stem.


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