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    7 Hacks I’ve Done to Reduce My Electrical Pollution Toxin Burden

    Edited 10/4/18 so be sure to read through the whole post!

    It seems like half of my life I’ve been “working on my health”.  So this past 6 months is no different really.

    I’ve been gluten free for 20 years, knowing I felt better off gluten, although I dabbled in gluten because my Celiac test was negative.  Knowing what I know today, my negative Celiac test was likely inaccurate and I no longer dabble in gluten.    I have at least 1 copy of the DQ2 gene SNP, and 1 copy of the DQ8 gene SNP.

    I learned about my Celiac SNP’s because they are reported when one is testing for mold gene SNP’s.  You see, it appears that I – and Johny-  have been exposed to mold and it is affecting our health.  Long story short, we’ve both done a lot of lab work lately, looking for pieces of what has changed – for the worse – with our health this past year.

    Mold trumps all.

    Our doctor ran a CIRS panel, plus mold genetics, and Johny and I both have “the dreaded mold genes” and lab values indicating we have been, or maybe are still being, exposed to mold.  Having “the dreaded genes” means that if exposed, we retain the airborne mold spores.  Our own immune systems don’t recognize it as a foreigner and so we need help getting rid of it.

    It’s just a coincidence that we both have “the dreaded mold genes”.  They aren’t that common.  In fact, I think it’s because when we got married, we wrote our own wedding vows.  Johny wrote – and still loves to state – that “the two shall become one”.  And so we have.  For better or worse, in sickness and in health, we are both high risk for biotoxin illness if we’re exposed to mold.

    I’ll probably write a lot more about this at a later date.  And we are currently hoping and praying that the mold exposure is not our home.  Because we raise cows, we need to feed them hay in the winter.  Most hay sits out in the weather and so if it rains or snows, it can/does get moldy.  So we know we have been exposed to moldy hay and now we know to be careful.   We have a HEPA mask that Johny now wears and I just stay away at feeding time.

    So anyway, in doing some research about how to heal from mold exposure, it comes up over and over again that we must reduce our EMF/dirty electricity/electrical pollution exposure.

    Mold thrives on EMF’s.

    So let’s talk about what this means.

    We now have invisible waves that affect and alter body biochemistry:  EMF’s, WiFi, Cell phone towers, cell phone signals, and microwaves to name a few.

    We ARE an electrical being.  It’s what an EKG measures.  Electrical rhythms.

    So, in regards to toxins, I am going to start off by lumping them all together (EMF’s, WiFi, microwave radiation…) in an umbrella we’ll call electrical pollution and it is a toxin of sorts.  Just because it’s invisible doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. There’s a reason they put that big lead vest over you at the dentist office right?

    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a reputed environmental doctor, reports that EMF’s make any mold in your home grow 600x faster than mold protected from WiFi.  Mold is a bigger problem in homes than most of us realize.  And since we don’t yet know for sure where the mold came from, we’ve taken precautions in our home.  There is no obvious mold in our home, and after doing research about mold testing, its about as accurate as testing for Celiac disease.  Meaning it’s not that easy since there are over 600 kinds of mold and not all emit spores so air testing can lead to false negative results.

    Electromagnetic radiation is typically not as strong as dental Xrays,
    but we ARE exposed to it 24/7- 365 days a year.

    • Cell phone towers are almost everywhere.
    • Routers are stronger and stronger. How many times are you driving down the road and your phone asks you which of 5+ networks you want to get on?!
    • Cordless phone bases are stronger and stronger and emit a signal…all the while the actual cordless phone ALSO emits a signal.
    • Most of us use microwaves, right in the kitchen, so our exposure is low level but DAILY.
    • Some still use CF light bulbs, living off the outdated lie that they are somehow better for us.

    So, 7 Hacks I’ve Done to Reduce My Electrical Pollution Toxin Burden

    And I might add that these are good for us, whether our home has hidden mold or not.

     1.  Turn off your router at night.     Better yet, check into TP Link TL-PA4010 Nano Powerline Adapters.  You can get them on Amazon.  Be sure to get this model number though because TP Link does make adapters that broadcast – The PA4010 series are non-broadcasting.

    The powerline adapters allow you to run the internet through your electrical wall sockets in your home.  Yup.  To any room in your home that has  a wall socket.  Essentially,  instead of the internet coming into your home and plugging into a router and broadcasting WiFi, it instead plugs into an old fashioned, non-broadcasting, modem.  The Ethernet goes from the modem to a powerline adapter and you plug it into the wall.    You then “pair” adapters to the base in any room you wish to have internet.  You plug your computer/laptop into the adapter and wa-la, you have internet.

    We just bought this system, and I need to set it up.  I have to find out if our router broadcast can be turned off, or if I need to buy a non-broadcasting modem.  In the meantime, we now ALWAYS turn the router off at night and even do so in the day if we’re not using the internet.  Since I have a virtual private practice, I am on the internet for a living but I’ve learned there are safer ways to do it and we’re now going to implement them.

    PS – I first learned of this from an IFM colleague from Sweden.  We were chatting at lunch and apparently this is the way many homes have internet in Europe.  It wasn’t easy to track this down.  Radio Shack and Best Buy didn’t even know what I was talking about.  I ended up googling “internet through electricity” or something and finally found my way to these powerline adapters.

    PSS – as of 10/2018 I never set this up!  It got complicated and I continued on my healing diet, herbs, liver support, and lifestyle changes and I’m feeling fantastic.

    A follower sent me this link that you might find helpful re: this system and how it can increase your EMF exposure through your whole house!  Gah!

    2.  Always always always use a corded headset with your cell phone, or better yet, use it in speaker mode and don’t hold your phone in your hand just set it near you.   Bluetooth doesn’t count.  It’s still wireless.  Although cell phone manufacturers don’t really tell you this outright, cell phones are not tested for safety right next to your skull.  They assume some distance between your phone and your head.

    3. Get rid of cordless phones. Like I said above, the cordless phone base emits a (strong!) signal, and then each handset is emitting a signal.  It adds to your total body burden.  It might not seem like a big deal – and if it was a big deal why is the whole world using cordless phones – but I’m here to tell you that the base units have gotten stronger and stronger.  According to EMF-Health  “having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than using a mobile.  The popular phones constantly blast out high levels of radiation – even when they are NOT in use.  Landlines are widely thought of as a safer option than mobiles.  But researchers in Sweden now warn cordless phones are far more likely to cause brain tumors than today’s mobiles..

    It’s a total inconvenience in our multi-task world, but we replaced all cordless phones in 2012 after learning about their dangers.  It’s not easy to buy a corded phone anymore but it can be done.  We have 3 nice heavy ones in our offices and kitchens….see which one we have……and then a 4th lightweight cheap one.  I bought an attaching headset (wired of course) for my office and I can talk on it comfortably all day long, hands free.

    Talking on a corded phone, stuck to a wall, is inconvenient for sure but so are cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.   I’ll take corded phones and instead of resenting that I can’t multi-task, I turn it around and ENJOY talking to the person on the other end!

    4. Get that laptop OFF your lap!  My main office computer is not on my lap, but believe me, I spend plenty of time with a laptop on my lap.  EMF’s can travel through your clothing (and pillows).     My own functional medicine doctor, Dr. Jill Carnahan, mentioned she uses a HaraPad.  Being a bit of a newbie to these, I wasn’t sure how to know which ones really worked.  Since we can’t see EMF’s, it’s hard to know right?!   Dr. Jill borrowed a Gauss meter from a friend and could measure the change with and without the Hara Pad.  I then called and spoke with the owner Mark.  He was more than knowledgeable and I am in the process of interviewing Mark him next week and I’ll share it in a future newsletter.  In the meantime, purchase a Hara Pad or other barrier and protect your body from direct exposure to EMF’s!

    5.  Get your cell phone OUT of your pocket/off your belt and away from your body…or….get a mini hara pad and it is the protective barrier.  I did end up buying one of these too.  I am VERY conscious about not putting my cell phone in my pocket  because I understand the dangers of putting the device right next to my skin.  But until I talked with Mark about the laptop device, I didn’t know about options.  So now, if I do want to walk & talk, or cook & talk, I put the shielding device in my back pocket and put my cell phone on the outside of it.

    6.  If you can, move your microwave out of the kitchen.  Or, if it is permanently mounted, walk 20+ feet away when using it.  We moved our microwave to the mudroom.  I try not to use it at all but it has its moments and when it’s cold, I use it to heat my rice bag.

    Want to know if your microwave is safe?   Put your cell phone inside the oven, and close the door (do not turn on the microwave). Call the cell-phone number. If you hear the phone ring, the cell-phone signal was able to pass through the walls of the oven—meaning that microwaves are able to pass out.    Meaning put it in another room and walk away, or if you  must use it in the kitchen, walk away from the unit.

    7.  Get rid of compact fluorescent bulbs.  Replace with the old fashioned light bulb or new LED lightbulbs.  But either way, they are a triple threat.  They contain mercury which is a known toxin if a bulb broke.  They emit a high level of EMF’s within 4-6 feet.  And they give off high UV radiation.    I’m pretty happy with just regular ol bulbs.

    Also since I wrote this article, we invested in several orgonite pyramids which are said to neutralize EMF’s (as well as mold particles).   I’ve purchased from KatWB, Orgonize Africa, and Sacred Geometry.  You can also find them on Etsy.  KatWB’s site tells you how many square feet they cover.    They sit around our house especially around the router, our computers, and our bedroom.

    For your cell phone: has products that test well, according to an intuitive colleague.  The Maxi Shield from Orgonize Africa also tests well for protecting your cell phone.  Smart Patches (from Safe Space Protection) also test well and are less costly since they come in a 2-pack.

    If you are frustrated or feeling hopeless about your health, and you can’t continue like this, learn how to take charge of your body, and ultimately the quality of your life. Learn the foundations of health so that you can do the things that are important to you! Even if it feels like you’ve tried everything, or made things, worse, the good news is that your body CAN heal if you do the right things (and stop doing the things that are holding you back)! I will guide you and lead you along the healing path so that you can feel like YOU again!  Schedule a 1:1 session to get your Custom Nutrition Plan!

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