3 *Critical* Pieces Every Successful Business Needs

This is part two of a mini series.   If you missed part one on ideal clients, you can find it HERE.  Having the health solution is only half of the formula in a successful business.  You must understand the pain and desires of your ideal client – and learn to speak his/her language – before she will hire you  If you haven’t watched part one, do it first.  This will still be here waiting for you. 


Today, I’ve got a training video with your next three steps. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Website essentials – like what pages are critical and how to smartly set up your home page
  • What is a lead magnet and why you absolutely must have a (good) one, and
  • Why you must be sending newsletters
If you implement the advice given, you can:
  • Step out from under the stress, overwhelm, and downright panic attacks about building your online business
  • Understand the steps necessary – and do them in the right order – as you build your online business
  • Learn exactly how to attract more inquiries (and therefore income)
  • Start feeling hopeful and even proud of the business you are creating


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