2017 Work Smarter Not Harder – Stephanie O’Donnell

Stephanie bought into a practice but had a hard time nailing down her ideal client.  She had spent money on several other courses, and had also re-done her website.  But  she didn’t love her website still, and continued to struggle because she hadn’t learned essential business systems to organize and manage her practice.  She has some great pearls for you. I highly suggest you watch the video (just 7 minutes) but here’s the cliff notes:

  • I have 1/3 the caseload as I did when I started the class, and now making the same exact money as I did working 5 days a week taking insurance
  •  I’ve done so well financially that I’m able to work at about 75% capacity this fall and still be financially solvent
  •  Make the investment!!!
  •  It’s worth the investment to get a mentor!
  •  Work Smarter Not Harder definitely shortened the learning curve