You’ve been trying so hard.

You’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and have learned so much, but you are also really confused with such contradictory advice out there.

Eat this. No, don’t eat that, eat this!

You’ve spent A LOT of money but you are still sick, or even sicker!

I know who you are and I specialize in these areas:

For some of you,
your health challenges started after a significant life event.

Some of you have struggled your whole life.

You're told your body is attacking itself,
or that it's your genes,
or even that it's all in your head.

Essentially, it’s all your fault and no one has offered a valid  solution.

Imagine if you could just

Get a good night's sleep,
Wake up feeling refreshed,
Have enough energy to get through the day,
And your brain was on board with all the tasks you need to do...

Oh how glorious that would be.


You do not have to lose your freedom one more day

Just because you have been from doctor to doctor....and specialist to specialist....
does NOT mean that you have to suffer forever.

You CAN heal.

For the last 20 years,
I've successfully helped people recover from chronic and mystery illness.

I will educate you and empower you so you understand
how to treat the ROOT CAUSES of your chronic health conditions.

This isn’t the latest food fad either.

I’ll teach you the TRUTH about the foundations of health and how to heal.

I will be side by side with you, guiding you each step of the way with the roadmap to recovery.

Each treatment plan is different, and I will meet you where you are.

You’ve lost your quality of life and it’s time to get it back!

"Tracy, I want to thank you for ALL your help over the past 6 months. I have more energy, am sleeping soundly, I can eat without feeling bloated and miserable, my skin is brighter and my hair feels healthy again. I've shed pounds and my joint pain is gone. I've even been able to come off my thyroid meds!" ~ Kristi C, 2018

    Every day I help people just like you get well again. Healing is possible. And helping people restore their health through diet and lifestyle changes gives me great joy.

    I have 20 years of training and experience as a nutritionist. I’ve been around the block. I have left no stone unturned. I’ve studied it ALL and I’ve overcome my own health challenges (Lyme, EBV stage 4, SIBO, Chronic fatigue, anxiety). I can help you identify and treat the root causes of your disease so you can resurrect your health and your life.

    Being able to comprehensively address root causes is what sets me apart from other nutritionists (as well as the majority of the medical profession). I can help you turn all the confusion into your personalized, streamlined treatment plan. And…you can live anywhere!

      "I’ve had histamine & other allergic reactions to most all food for years… even fruits and veggies! I would break out in hives and turn red and itchy. I also tested positive for MTHFR. By the end of the first WEEK of working with Tracy I was able to eat fruits and veggies with fewer reactions! It’s now been five months and I cannot believe my reduction in symptoms. Her knowledge on using food to heal the body was spot on for me. I’m so thankful for Tracy’s knowledge!" ~ Jill B, 2018

      Together, We Can Safely & Naturally Reverse These Conditions Using:

      Heal Without Side Effects

      Papaya can heal digestive disorders.
      Apples have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria.
      Learn how to use 25 foods as medicine.

      "Tracy helped get me started by looking at my history and created a healing plan specifically designed for me. What I loved was that she told me that we were going to help “heal my body with food.” After having been on 30 or so supplements at any given time, this was music to my ears. She started me out slowly as to not overwhelm my system. With monthly guidance, I was able to see changes occurring and it didn’t take that long! I just had bloodwork done and I have no more thyroid issues and my bloodwork shows no sign of chronic infection!" ~ Susan D, 2018/2019