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20 Years of Helping People Heal

from chronic and mystery illness

Healing Is possible

The Right Diet is a Game Changer!
Just because you have been from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist….

does NOT mean that you have to suffer forever.

Changing Your Diet….Changes Your Health

I know it may feel like you’ve already tried everything
–  including special diets  –
and nothing has worked, but that is all about to change!




Immune Dysfunction

Epstein Barr Virus
Lyme Disease
Thyroid conditions
Strep throat


Chronic Fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue
Neurological Fatigue
Exercise Induced Fatigue

Skin Conditions

Age spots
Dull dry skin


Easily startled
Chemical sensitivity
Radiating or moving pain

GI Issues

Food Intolerances


Weight Imbalance’s
Brain fog/Dementia
Diabetes/Heart Disease

Auto Immune

Rheumatoid Arthrits



High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Clotting disorders


Weight loss or gain needed
Genetic SNP’s
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Resilient Health!

Restore Resiliency and Vitality Using Nutrition as the Foundation of Healing

✔ Step by step building blocks to restore health with specific action steps!

3 Big Mistakes that may be holding you back from resilient health

90 Day Kick Starter Plan

Nutrition Foundations Group Program

Regardless of what you are struggling with, there are foundational building blocks that MUST be in place.  Consider Nutrition Foundations as a starting point EVEN IF your issues aren’t listed specifically, or your issues feel more complicated than a group program can handle.  Healing the human body starts here.


Self-paced curriculum


Videos to fast track your learning


Easy but Tasty Recipes


*LIVE* Group Support & Coaching Calls


Bonus Trainings


Discounts on 1:1 sessions

1:1 Custom Nutrition Plans



Custom Nutrition Plans

Although you can purchase Ala Carte Sessions, the bulk of my work is in long-term support & coaching plans. 

Being a patient in a long-term support and coaching plans starts with an in-depth medical intake form that you will fill out before our first session.  I will work up a customized treatment plan – just for you – to start your healing.  Each time we meet, it will be updated and shared to you so that you always have the most current protocol to reference and work from.


Monthly sessions = Accountability!

In fact, we’ll meet 4 times in the first two months so you have ample support straight away! Then we will meet on a monthly basis for another 4 months. 


*Includes 12-month membership to Nutrition Foundations

The 6-month program *includes* a 12-month membership to my group program.  In addition to your 1:1 sessions, you’ll have access to (2) group support and coaching calls for an entire year as you change your lifestyle habits, get through holidays, and achieve your health goals!

“Tracy, I want to thank you for ALL your help over the past 6 months. I have more energy, am sleeping soundly, I can eat without feeling bloated and miserable, my skin is brighter and my hair feels healthy again. I’ve shed pounds and my joint pain is gone. I’ve even been able to come off my thyroid meds!”

~ Kristi C. 

“I’ve had histamine & other allergic reactions to most all food for years… even fruits and veggies! I would break out in hives and turn red and itchy. I also tested positive for MTHFR. By the end of the first WEEK of working with Tracy I was able to eat fruits and veggies with fewer reactions! It’s now been five months and I cannot believe my reduction in symptoms. Her knowledge on using food to heal the body was spot on for me. I’m so thankful for Tracy’s knowledge!”

~ Jill B.

“Tracy helped get me started by looking at my history and created a healing plan specifically designed for me. What I loved was that she told me that we were going to help “heal my body with food.” After having been on 30 or so supplements at any given time, this was music to my ears. She started me out slowly as to not overwhelm my system. With monthly guidance, I was able to see changes occurring and it didn’t take that long! I just had bloodwork done and I have no more thyroid issues and my bloodwork shows no sign of chronic infection!” 

~ Susan D.

free resources

Discover the Secrets to Stop Annoying Bloating

Miserable and confused?  

✔ Understand what causes bloating.

✔ Get Clear on solutions.

✔ Restore optimal digestion with 5 short term and 12 long term solutions to bloating.

Break Free From Chronic Disease!

Use everyday medicinal foods to prevent and treat common conditions

Learn which fruits/veggies have super powers!

Find out which herbs & spices are as powerful as prescription drugs (with no side effects!)

Identify which fats are healthiest for you

meet tracy

Food and Health Expert

Tracy is a Registered Dietitian / Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for finding,  and sharing, the life-changing information that helps people like you restore your health. Even if you feel you have “tried everything”.

Tracys passion to help others is partly fueled by her own health challenges, which started at birth. And in 2015, Tracy was diagnosed with chronic neurological Lyme disease, then Epstein Barr Virus (and more), so she fully understands the devastating consequences that come with illness.

Tracy healed using food as the foundation, and she is confident that you can too.  Not only can you heal, you can achieve resilient health and move with confidence through the aging process – and reclaim the joy and freedom that has been stolen from you.

Say goodbye to the fears surrounding your health, and say hello to living life as you wish!   The right diet is powerful!!!!

You can have a vibrant, purposeful life again. Tracy will be with you every step of the way.

featured resources


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What I Have Healed (& You Can Too!)

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