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“I believe with all my heart that we are what we eat….You can’t put bad gas in a car and then expect it to win the Indy 50.  We are no different.  Our diet affects everything we do – starting with digestion and absorption (for better or worse), and the downstream effects that our diet has on our level of inflammation, immune regulation, our ability to handle stress via hormone production, regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol, sleep quality, hormone balance, bone strength, muscular tone, weight management,  skin elasticity and tone,  brain function, prevention of chronic disease……

Hippocrates was right when he said “Let food be your medicine”
-Tracy Konoske MS RDN, owner, Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.


About Tracy
Tracy is a  Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist who specializes in blending her training in natural, integrative, and functional medicine to create a personalized treatment plan for each and every patient.  You probably know what natural and integrative medicine are, but many have not heard of functional medicine.  In short, it’s all about identifying and treating the root causes….instead of a band aid approach to managing symptoms.  Although these are each large topics, Tracy believes there are 4 root causes of most any chronic disease:  toxins, (stealth) infections, stress, and of course diet.  In helping her patients, they dive deep into each topic and lighten the burden with often miraculous, profound results.


Fixing her own health crisis’s

Tracy was just 26 when a car wreck changed her health and her life forever.  But you know what they say.  “Out of the ashes rises the phoenix.”  Tracy had to change her lifestyle, identify and reduce her own triggers in order to regain her health.  As a result, she changed careers and received her Masters degree in nutrition from Bastyr University in 1998.  During graduate school, Tracy worked for Health Comm, founded by Dr. Jeff Bland, PhD (below).  Jeff could arguably be considered the father, or at least one of, the fathers of Functional Medicine, thus the blend of natural and functional medicine training.

Years later, Tracy’s health was again challenged with a chronic Lyme diagnosis.  Using a combination of diet, supplements, and herbs, Tracy is a chronic Lyme thriver & survivor!

Dr. Jeff Bland - father of functional med

Since graduating with her MS (1999)

Tracy has been self employed her whole career – working in integrative medicine clinics and doing some consulting work.   In 2009, Tracy launched her virtual private practice and it’s been amazing helping others throughout the US, all while living on her little farm & ranch.  PS – if you are a health care professional yourself, Tracy now offers group and one-on-one mentoring.  Get connected>>


Tracy lives in Southern Montana with the love of her life, their grass fed cows, a horse, a few cats, and their crazy-smart chocolate lab.  Tracy and her husband Johny put up a massive organic garden each summer and their long term goal is to add to the covered beds and build a walpini (underground greenhouse so it’s warm year round from the earth’s heat).

She is a working, busy, empty-nester mom.   She makes the same decisions you do on a daily basis – “Can I eat this”….”Should I eat this”….”When can I exercise or sauna” ….and “What’s for dinner”.

In her ‘spare’ time, Tracy loves to 2-step with Johny, spend time with girlfriends,  suntan especially if it’s on a beach, garden, fish for wild salmon, go boating, soak in some of Montana’s natural hot springs, spend time with family and friends, and sit by the fire and read – in no particular order. 

Tracy has a strong spiritual relationship with our Lord and His presence shows up almost daily in her life. 



  • Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Montana State University-Billings (1990)
  • Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition, and Dietetic Internship, from Bastyr University (1998, 1999), a pioneer in natural medicine
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) from the Institute For Functional Medicine (2006)
  • IFM Energy Module 2013
  • IFM Detox Module 2013
  • IFM Hormone Module 2013
  • IFM Immune Module 2014
  • IFM CardioMetabolic Module 2015
  • IFM GI Module 2015
  • Continuing Education – Tracy also follows and uses information provided by Anthony William in her practice


  • Institute For Functional Medicine
  • Due to the fact that the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics takes sooo much money from corporations like McDonalds and Pepsi, Tracy is no longer a member