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Shawn is a 42-year old former serviceman and he’s had M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) for 8 years already – so diagnosed at 34 years old!  Besides massive vaccinations as a soldier, Shawn worked on an oil rig and in the construction industry – all wrought with exposure to toxins.

Even at a young age of 42 years old, Shawn was having trouble walking and used both a walker and a cane.  His primary goal was to walk unassisted.

He was also having trouble with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, insomnia, fatigue, constipation, speech, and wanted to gain weight.

Over the past year, we’ve made comprehensive diet & lifestyle changes and Shawn has been a real trooper.  If any of you think “I can’t” think again.  Shawn lives in a tiny town in rural Montana.   Organic gluten free and paleo foods were not exactly just down the street.   But he figured it out and it’s paying off.

Today, we’re both glad to report that his health has significantly improved!   As you can see in the video, he’s walking great.  He has some left knee soreness that doesn’t  seem to be MS-related and scans also don’t show any clues.    Pretty early on in our work together, we resolved his insomnia and fatigue.  I think his speech has dramatically improved (as I can understand him now!).      It takes time for the myelin sheath to regrow so I fully expect Shawn’s health to continue to improve with time as long as he sticks with our treatment plan.

But here he is today!    It’s a high-five all the way around.    I’ve now suggested he set up his own agility course so that he can get back out hunting again!  Can you believe it?  From a walker to talking about agility training – in under a year!

God speed to you Shawn!  Click the link below to watch Shawn walk.

shawn video  (be sure quicktime is updated)



walking assistance shawn

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