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“Just one year ago I started the LEAP protocol after Mediator Release Testing.  I am happy to report I have only had 4, count them 1,2,3,4!!! migraine headaches in that time!   Before LEAP I would have two, sometimes three, migraines per week.  The really great news is I can specifically identify the trigger that caused each of those 4 migraines.  A couple were known choices – testing the system if you know what I mean.  The others were mistakes early on and I know better how to read labels and ask questions in restaurants as a result.  You’ll be pleased to know I have enrolled in Grad School and I love it!

I continue to avoid nightshades and my red and yellow reactive foods.  Some days, I am tempted by something that I know better than to eat, but all I have to do is think about having a headache and the temptation goes away.  My IBS is still non-existant when I avoid triggers, as is my joint pain.

Thanks to Tracy for improving my life, more than she will ever know!

~ Christen (still feeling 29 but now 45)

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