Swimming in the world of health and nutrition, I’ve tried an awful lot of products.  Some are good, some aren’t.

In an effort to save you some time and money, I’m happy to share some of the successes!  A couple are affiliates meaning I make a small commission and some aren’t.  Believe me, it isn’t worth recommending a bad product to make 15 cents so anything you see below is because I really do use it…affiliate or not.

Tropical Traditions is where I buy my Gold Label, Organic Coconut Oil.  They often have free shipping and something is always on sale.  I purchase the coconut oil in gallons and I’ve got a video on how to deal with it in bulk.  If you are afraid of a gallon of coconut oil, they do sell it in pints and they also sell non-organic coconut oil.  When I did the math, the gallon is cheaper than buying 8 or 12 oz at a time in the grocery store.  I’ve also bought Oxygen Bleach, lotions, lip balm, bug arrest lotion, toothpaste (tooth cleaner), and palm shortening here and have been happy with it all.

NaturOli is where I buy my soap nuts to do laundry.  I love my soap nuts!  I have a video on this too!  You just take 5 or 6 soap nuts, put them in a muslin bag (that comes w/ your order) and cinch it up.  Throw it in hot or cold water with your laundry.  Don’t dry it to extend its’ life and re-use it about 5 more times.  Discard the little soap nuts and start again.  They have won many, many an award for being clean & green.  I also buy the 18X cleaner and use it in regular household cleaning and we love the foot lotion.  It doesn’t contain any petroleum products but is incredibly softening!  And the body cream let’s me still shower every day even in our dry Montana winters; until I found this, I had terribly dry skin even though i consume a lot of good fats and omega 3’s!  It’s a lifesaver!

Honeyville Grains is where I buy my almond flour and usually my coconut flour.  I buy 25# of blanched almond flour, and divide it up into gallon freezer bags.  I do freeze what I’m not currently using and they say it lasts about 1 year.  I don’t know that because I use it faster than that:)     Buying it this way gets you the best price and if you are apprehensive about buying this much, split it with a grain-free friend or two!    Coconut flour goes a long way so 5# is plenty!

Cultures for Health is where I’ve bought kefir starter, and yogurt grains.  They have A LOT of free resources on their page and the customer service has been 2nd to none!    They also have fermentation crocks, sprouting supplies, ready-to-eat healthy foods, and equipment like yogurt makers, dehydrators and the like.  If you are serious about getting well, you need to check these guys out because gut health is the KEY to health!