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The above link is good info and free via an interview Dr. Datis did with Mike Mutzel.


Dr. Datis also did an exceptional interview with Sean Croxton about the Vagus Nerve and its’ role in chronic SIBO.  It’s part of a paid series I bought.  I’m not able to load it but if you are interested in it – as well as the whole Digestive Series – go HERE.     If you have chronic SIBO,  you really need to hear this.  The whole Digestive Series was quite good.  It is current, relevant info from 28 experts including many trained in functional medicine.  Dr. Siebeckers interview (she’s a SIBO expert) also made it  worth buying the Digestive Series.  Additionally, Dr. Sandberg-Lewis was interviewed and he also is an IBS/SIBO expert.  I can’t emphasize enough – even to my patients and I spend a lot of time with each one doing education – how important it is to educate yourself!  As you listen to audio’s and read books, you’ll pick up on clues that maybe weren’t in your history because you forgot or didn’t know it was important information.

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