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Background concept wordcloud illustration of hypoglycemia

Background concept wordcloud illustration of hypoglycemia

My Nutri-Dyn/Metagenics rep Josh and I chatted again.  This time, about optimizing blood sugar.  Or course, a healthy diet and exercise contribute immensely to optimal blood sugar.

But there are times that people need some additional support, so that is what Josh and I discussed.

As I mention in our podcast, if I alter someone’s diet and can get them to exercise at all, we’re talking months before we see physical changes.  With a new medical foods product from Metagenics, Josh is hearing stories from other clinicians that they are able to discontinue meds like glucophage within days to a few weeks!

Advanced glucose control has a special fiber (Ucann) and the medical food is optimized for protein/fat/and carbohydrate ratio’s.  Metagenics has partnered with both Harvard and the Joslin Diabetes center in researching and developing this product so expect nothing but great results!  No doubt you know that Harvard is a quality partner but Joslin Diabetes Center is the leader in the US for research and education regarding diabetes.

Listen and/or download!  If you have trouble listening, please try a new browser and/or make sure your software is updated.  Each computer will be different but I’m talking about things like Java, QuickTime, or other software your computer uses to listen to podcasts.

PS – Link to a previous interview we did on optimizing muscle mass and protein – 2 (easy) ways to increase muscle mass.  As we age, we’re all at risk for muscle loss (sarcopenia).  Additionally, those of us with gut issues (Crohn’s, Celiac, Ulcerative colitis, food intolerances, SIBO) also are at risk of protein malabsorption just from the intestinal inflammation.  So this isn’t just information for your grandmother!


If you wish to order from Nutri-Dyn, it’s 2 easy steps:
2.  Register as a patient in the upper right hand corner.  Fill in your own demographic information and use the account code 700123.


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