First of all, Tracy only offers packages of sessions when getting started.  As someone helping patients who have been to “all the specialists” and have “tried everything”, you know that real help doesn’t come in just a few sessions.  Unwinding the disease process takes time, and some trial and error – because no two people respond the same way.

You’ll start out with probably the most comprehensive Medical Intake Form you’ve ever completed, along with a list of all prescription and over-the-counter medicines and supplements you are taking.  You’ll complete a symptom survey and it will be scored, thus, a baseline to reference as time moves forward.

New patients start start out in packages with (4) 2-hour sessions over the first 2 months,  then move to (2) 45 minute sessions each month. Packages are currently 4 months and 6 months.  If at either the 4 or 6 month period, you need more time, you can continue your 2x/month sessions and Tracy won’t take another new patient in your spot until you are ready to fly on your own, or wish to follow up on a looser basis at that point.

Tracy limits the number of patients in her case load at any one time so that each patient is getting the attention and care that he/she deserves. 

Many people wonder what to expect.  Just like people, we are not all the same.  But what you CAN expect in working with Tracy is that she will:

  • Be treating you as a unique individual – there is not a one-size-fits-all method to her work.
  • Reviewing your entire medical history with probably the most comprehensive intake form you’ve ever done, plus the last few years of laboratory testing.
  • Be listening to you and your health story, in an effort to try and connect the dots.  In Functional Medicine, all of the organ systems “talk” to each other.  Meaning your GI tract talks to your immune system, your endocrine system, your brain, etc……..Your thyroid gland and your adrenal glands act in concert together.  Your ability to detoxify, or not, affects your cognition, your risk of cardiovascular disease, your energy levels.  It goes on and on.   In Functional Medicine, we also understand the role of emotions and stress on physiology and so emphasis is placed on treating the “whole” person, not pieces and parts.
  • Researching your case behind the scenes.  Tracy estimates that for each 45 minute session the two of you have, she spends another 45 minutes prepping for your session and getting you materials you’ll need.  Additionally, each package has several hours of connect-the-dot-research also budgeted in.   Again, this isn’t cookie-cutter medicine and the reason you have XYZ disease or condition is not necessarily the reason another patient has the same condition.

What you can also expect in working with Tracy is that YOU too will have homework.  At a minimum, you will the (4) 2-hour sessions …..and then (2) 45 minute sessions every month for the duration of your work together.   But, you also need to plan on spending time outside of your sessions working on your health and this might include watching particular video’s, reading an article, reading a book, etc.

This is absolutely a joint effort and if you pursue working with Tracy, you should be in a place in life that you can commit to the process.   Tracy can’t do this without action on your part…….and obviously you are looking for a different kind of help.