I am so sorry you are struggling with your health.  Thank you for considering my help. 

If you are here because you saw in my newsletter that I was taking on new patients, I have booked several “Get Acquainted Sessions” and need to work through those now.  

You have been re-directed to a waiting list.  If there are any spots open after doing these interviews with prospective patients, I will work off of this waiting list in a first come, first served order. 

There’s no obligation, but if you want, add your name and info below. 

As there are any new patient openings, I’ll be in touch and we can proceed with a Get Acquainted session.

If the list grows, it may nudge me sooner than later to also offer some small group classes.  I suspect a group of 10-15 would be small enough that each member gets good care, and then perhaps there will be some one-on-one sessions to, to help personalize the information. 

In any event, thank you for your interest and trust in this healing journey and add your name if you’d like.